Saturday, 21 October 2017

A new beginning...

Well, it has certainly been a long time since I have posted anything, mainly through lack of motivation to be honest, something I really struggle with. So I wondered how I could find that motivation to improve and to learn more about photography and ultimately myself.

I decided to sign up for a photography course, the NCFE Level 2 at a local college. I am about 5 weeks in now and really enjoying it, it is only 3 hours one evening a week plus regular home work!! So how does this help motivate me? Well, firstly I had to pay for it so the financial input helps, and most importantly I have met some like minded people who all have their own views, photography interests and desired outcomes whether that be like me, to learn for the sake of it or even a career change. We have an excellent tutor, who is a seasoned and highly skilled pro whose critical eye and advice will undoubtedly help me improve, if I put the work in. go check him out Riccardo Carlucci

Anyway, keep coming back because I am going to go back to the start of the course and keep you up dated on what I have been up to and show you the work I have been doing thus far...

Week 01 Homework

The above shot was week one homework, a self portrait that tells a story about ourselves. My next post I will show you how I got to this, the problems I had and I'll also let you in on the feedback from my tutor.

Hopefully over the course of the 32 weeks you can see my journey and ultimately where it takes me. Catch up soon!!!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Make a little splash!!!

Hi all,

Well I had a go at something a bit different, I took over the kitchen at home a tried a little water drop splash photography. I had never tried anything like it before and I watched a few YouTube videos to help me along the way. Such as First Man Photography

It seemed the advice was to start at a baseline of settings and experiment from there, so off I went and although the results are not fantastic, I enjoyed myself and got some pleasing results.

So the techy bit... I used my Canon 600D and tried 3 lenses, 55-250mm, 18-55mm and 50mm prime. As you will no doubt notice, I would have got better results had I used a dedicated macro lens but the budget won't stretch at the moment so I had to make do, although I have adaptors that could have helped but I forgot!! I also had my Yongnou YN560-III and wireless trigger close by to freeze the drops. I used a remote release cable so as not to job the camera and give me a better view as the drops fell.

I started with 1/200 shutter speed, f/8 aperture and ISO 200 and just fiddled around with those. As you can see below it wasn't the greatest setup but hey... I got results!!

I got some food colouring to add to the water hung a bag of water and made a tiny hole in it. I used a trick to get focus, by noting where the drops fell I placed a pen in the water, focused on that then switched to manual focus so I would lose the spot. That said I found getting a sharp focus really hard.

I cropped and adjusted exposure a little in Photoshop (another learning curve)...

Simple setup...

Change of colours

Back of the camera
I took lots of shots, timing being really hard!! My brain doesn't see things that quickly so a lot of it was hit and miss. Below are a couple of my favourites and this is something I am definitely going to try, although I will try my macro adaptors and put more thought into the set up as a whole. Anyway, hope you like them. Advice and critiques welcome as always.

Purple.. ish!!