Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween... ish!!

Hey all... Before I go off on photography blah blah as I usually do I just want to say Happy Birthday to my daughter Keighly!! 13 today and I reckon you should head over to her blog and check it out Wild British Blogger... Have a fab day!!!

Right on with the show!! So it's Halloween and that was our latest brief at college. Nothing more than that!! I found this task kinda difficult for a couple of reasons, one is my usual issue around motivation to actually do something!! The other is that I didn't want to shoot a pumpkin or similar, too ordinary, too cheesy!! I guess it is about finding that subject or genre that really gets you interested, gets you passionate to the point where you want to get out there and shoot!!!

So here is what I came up with... Once again please give me your thoughts and criticisms and hopefully I can improve some more!!
f/5.6 1/6sec ISO 800 13mm -1 exp comp (on camera flash)
 This is my chosen shot to submit at college although I struggled between this and the next. I'm not sure why I chose this over the others but it felt right. I used my wide angle lens and got in close and I like the perspective.
f/1.8 1/20sec ISO 100 50mm

f/2 1/15sec ISO 100 50mm
 I like these two but they just didn't feel Halloweeny! I think there is a bit too much going on in them. In hindsight I would have liked to use a model dressed kinda scary in some shots but I am nervous about shooting people, I've never directed a model before and think it might be a bit daunting!!

Hope you like!! See you soon!!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Wide? Narrow? It's aperture...


Week 4 was all about aperture, for the uninitiated think of it like the iris of your eye, a wide aperture, small number such as f/1.8 means your iris is wide open, so the opposite applies to a large number such f/16, it is very narrow.

So what does that mean to your shots? Well with a wide aperture (small f number) the area in focus is quite narrow thus focusing on a persons nose may mean the ear is blurred, a narrow aperture (large f number) and the whole shot will be sharp.

Have a look at my shots and see what I mean.Oh and this weeks brief was a shot with a blurry background and another that was sharp throughout. I think I did OK!! See what you think...

f/5.6 1/500sec ISO 400 229mm
See what I mean? Nice blurry background, the daisy in front is in focus! Ok so bit of a curve ball here, I was about 5, maybe 6ft from the flower and I was using my 55-250mm telephoto lens, this gave me the nice blurry background but with the flower nice and crisp. If I had used a different lens, say my 50mm prime, wide open at f/1.8 it is likely only part of the front flower would have been in focus...

f/8 1/100 ISO 100 12mm
So this, as you can see had a narrower aperture of f/8 thus front to back the shot is sharp, great for landscapes etc

Overall I really like these two shots, I'm sure that if I spent more time going over them I would be able to show inadequacies in both, but hey these are my shots and I like them! I accept constructive criticisms or else I won't improve but it is not the be all and end all by any means.

Once again I hope you enjoy these shots and maybe learn a little bit. I am back in college this week and will be presenting my homework, with the brief "Halloween". I'll let you know how I get on.

See you very soon and remember to give me your thoughts!!