Monday, 21 July 2014

Doesn't always go the way you planned...

Just back from a walk in the park. Bit overcast but warm. I left the house with my camera and the firm intention to take some cracking shots. Sound familiar?

I'm sure we all go out thinking that but in my case it didn't quite happen. I took shots of the birds, trees, river, church and even my niece but I didn't get that feeling in my gut that says "I love that shot".

In my defence I'm new to this, it wasn't planned, more a walk and snap. I got some nice shots but nothing fab.

I suppose it times when we're underwhelmed with our results that as a pastime it becomes testing. I sat reviewing my shots on the computer thinking "was it worth it?" Well of course it was, I had a lovely walk in a beautiful park with my niece and sister in law which was the aim!!

Just because my photographic efforts were fruitless in no way means it was a waste of time. I see more than I ever did, I'm looking for photo opportunities and trying to get away from the "snaps".

Yet I'm still to find a subject area that I'd like to specialise in and inspiration lacks sometimes. I'll keep at it and hope for that shot in a million until I'm good enough to make that shot myself on my own terms!!!

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