Thursday, 17 July 2014

Its all so complicated!!

It's all well and good buying a new camera, thats the easy part. It's the technical side that's the issue.

Anyone can point, click and record an image but I want to move on from that. I see the creative side, just look at Flickr or similar sites to see the beauty people create. That's where I wanna be... or at least thats the theory!

I promised myself that I would keep off the auto setting and in all honesty, so far so good. I've stuck to it. Yet in doing so you add complications to the Nth degree. I've read countless magazines and books, so many YouTube videos I can't keep up and hassled people on various Facebook groups for help. Yet the water remains somewhat muddy.

Getting to grips with such things as the exposure triangle, depth of field, iso and white balance is frying my brain but I want to improve so I'm sticking with it. I guess you have to focus (scuse the pun) on one thing at a time, yet all are intrinsically linked.

Change this setting and it alters that one, fiddle with this and its too dark. Tinker with that and its far too light or blurry.... grrŕrrr the curses I've let go!!

I've learned a lot this past year at university about myself and I realise that you get out what you put in. So based on that amazing revelation, well for me at least,I know that improving at this photography lark is a process... A long one but one I intend to enjoy...

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