Sunday, 27 July 2014


I was out and about with the family and noticed a local cricket match going on. I thought that will give me the chance to practice with shutter speeds, trying to go faster and freeze the action for more dramatic shots.

So I wandered around the boundary, on an extremely hot day, and snapped away. I wasn't paying attention to the score but trying to frame my shots and get some action into the final image. It occurred to me that I was very limited by my lens, I had my Canon 55-250mm on and it just didn't have enough reach. I was hoping to pick out the expressions of the players.

The images below show you what I mean, yeah its cricket but they don't have that punch that a good sports shot should have. Short of strolling onto the pitch, which obviously wouldn't have gone down well, there was not much I could do!!

I also felt somewhat limited by my lack of skill and experience, although I like to think I am improving, its going to take time and effort. Maybe in the future I will revisit the cricket pitch again and have another go and see if there is a visible difference, and hopefully improvement!!

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