Sunday, 20 July 2014

Old vs New...

I was given an old Olympus Trip 35 slr that belonged to my Uncle Fred and it occured to me how lucky we are in modern times with digital kit, as against the old medium of film. Well dependant on your point of view!

I must qualify the term "old" by acknowledging that there are many film enthusiasts around the world who still swear by it. Feeling that its a purer form of photography.

So is it? As a novice I only ever used old 110 instamatic type cameras in my younger days. Not as a hobby i must add, but as a means to an end in recording snaps of hokidays. The result? Predictably prints with stickers on from the lab explaining why my shots looked so crap! So surely the fact we can now see "Live View" before we commit to a shot and enjoy safety in the knowledge we can post edit. Not wasting a one shot of our precious film!

But does that take away from the feel of a shot? Does it affect how we take a shot? Perhaps in the days of film you took the time to ensure every aspect of the shot was right before pressing the shutter button? Now all we waste is memory card space which we can keep getting back time and again.

My perspective as a novice is somewhat limited yet I feel that the intricate details of photography are better learned, in my case at least, with that digital safety net. I know I can make mistakes, I also know that I make a conscious decision to ensure I learn from them and move forward and improve in this most fascinating of pastimes...

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