Saturday, 23 August 2014

A budget, the gear, not much of an idea...

Gear on a budget...
Hi all,

I got my dslr not too long ago, end of April in fact, since then I've been adding to my kit here and there. I've had to work on a budget what with me being an impoverished student!! So I've searched Ebay, Amazon for bargains!!

My Canon 600d was bought second hand and it came with the 18-55mm kit lens and a few other bits and pieces, such as a tripod, couple of filters and a bag. Everything I needed to get me started on my new photography adventure. I got a "nifty fifty" lens and a telephoto zoom, both original Canon for very reasonable prices online and I've dabbled with them both. I found some screw in macro filters and some ND filters online, again nice and cheap.

I then went for wired and wireless releases, battery grip and more recently a flashgun with triggers. Amazon must love me!

I guess what I am getting at is that this early in my photographic journey, which lets face it is only 5 months old, did i really need all that kit? Does it mean I take better shots? Do I understand the fundamentals and theory of photography any better cos I spent out on this stuff?

No not really!! I get that to learn I must do, I must fail and try again, learning from my mistakes. I could learn composition using my Galaxy S4 or shutter, ISO, aperture relationship using my Fuji bridge camera. In truth I like stuff, I like having all the gear despite having no idea what the hell I am doing, some of it I haven't even used!

Don't get me wrong I've got better, I think more about my shot before I click the shutter. Yet that has nothing to do with the gear, its a state of mind, its asking for help from kind people I know (or don't know via various Facebook groups). I read magazines, watch YouTube tutorials and the like and my brain is slowly absorbing it, but getting out and doing is the only way to ensure its all going to stick.

So I guess I could be label a tart for wanting all the kit, even though most is cheap unbranded gear, looking the part yet actually I am a wanna be "tog".

Take my advice, don't spend for two reasons... 1, you don't need to in order to take great shots and 2, it keeps the better half off yr back and there is no explaining why all these parcels from Amazon and Ebay keep arriving at the door!!

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