Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Getting it right...

 As you can see from these shots the scenery in Gran Canaria is absolutely stunning. I was on a boat trip along the Atlantic coast and happily shooting away with my DSLR, as I've said before, being a novice it was more point and hope than anything else!!

Once I got home to the UK and uploaded all my shots up to the pc I could see that the shots, and there were loads, looked really bland and kind of washed out. They are fairly uninspiring and fall into the category of "holiday snaps" rather than any photographic outcome. I was a bit disappointed!!

Anyway, after talking to some kind souls (Thanks Fiona and Andy!!) on the  Digital DSLR Photography Magazine cc Group, on Facebook, which incidentally I highly recommend joining as these people really know their stuff and will give you some honest and excellent critiques of your shots, solutions were offered as to improving them.

I am aware that as far as composition goes I was limited in that I couldn't move the boat or whatever so had to work with what I got.

So what did I learn? Well, I need to work on using the camera settings properly to work with the conditions I find myself in and then also work on understanding how to improve things within editing software, so as suggested, I shall spend some time reading up and watching some tutorials on YouTube!!

As always, would love your thoughts...


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