Monday, 18 August 2014

My camera in Gran Canaria...

Sorry not to have updated for a while... been a manic time for me recently, a funeral, my wedding and a honeymoon!!

Anyway, I took my camera to the beautiful island of Gran Canaria to capture your usual holiday snaps to have some memories of my honeymoon for the future. While there I tried to use it more creatively, recalling that bright sunlight is not always the best for shooting, yet its a part of life down in the Atlantic near the Tropic of Cancer. So to wait for softer light and skies seemed to be taking away from the beautiful place I was in...

The couple of shots below of some jetski action were taken on Tv mode so I could try and freeze the action and get some life into the spray around the action. I kinda cheated by putting the camera on auto ISO and burst mode so I could be more confident of getting the shot I wanted.

Admittedly my skill level is still at the level of point, click the shutter and hope, but I am pretty pleased with these 2 shots. I took plenty of scenery shots and will stick a few up when I have messed with them in PS to clean them up a bit...

Hope you like them and would be great to hear your thoughts!!


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