Friday, 12 September 2014

Playing in the garden...

Hi all,

Went away last week to visit family and decided to try and capture my sisters' Bearded Dragons. They are beautiful creatures, still a throwback to prehistoric times and utterly fascinating.
Meet Reggie!!!
As you can see there is so much detail and colour its hard not to be taken aback by these creatures, this is Reggie and he loves to be held and likes to sit on the grass in the sun!!

I took this on my Canon 600d with a 55-250mm lens with a x2 screw in macro filter, post production was a little tweaking in Lightroom 5. I love this shot, I hope I have done Reggie justice!!

Next I attempted (and struggled) to get 3 of these creatures in the same shot, pin sharp...
The gang!!!

You can see from the above shot that things didn't go according to plan, actually there wasn't a plan. Therein lies my mistake, I just laid down on the floor and snapped away not thinking of what I wanted to achieve and how to go about it. This was shot as f8.0 1/160sec at 109mm although I now realise I could have increased the depth of field by using a smaller aperture to get our lizard friends in pin sharp focus and show off all their detail. So apart from getting dirty, what did I get from these shots? Well as I think I have mentioned previously I need to slow down, plan ahead and give more consideration to the process of taking a shot rather than bowling in bull in a china shop style. I really enjoyed myself but think I want to spend some time with more experienced photographers so I can pick their brains and learn from them. As always would be great to hear your thoughts!!

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