Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It's been a while...

Hey all,

Yeah yeah I know... It's been bloody ages since I have done anything with this blog but I have a good excuse!! Actually, I don't... Possibly some mitigating circumstances though!!

I've been awash with stuff going on with my university course you see. I started, but now almost finished, my 2nd year placement. So on top of all the usual university stuff like lectures, seminars, essays (both formative and summative), I've had work as well so that's my excuse...

Anyway, please forgive me and I promise to crack on with some photography over the summer!!

In the meantime, to get my blog back up and running, here are a couple of shots my daughter Andie took while out for stroll. She used her smartphone and I'm sure you agree that there is definitely potential there.. most likely more talent than her Dad!!

So enjoy these and I hope to have some more stuff up very soon!!

Bye for now!!

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