Thursday, 9 April 2015

A day in the park...

Well I said I would get out with my camera and that's just what I did. I spent a few hours following the family around with my Canon 50mm f1.8 lens which I am still getting to grips with, as with my camera in general.

My daughter was posing in the playground for me!!

I love the way this lens does the job of blurring the background out, the wide f1.8 aperture takes care of that. So really it is just about getting the framing and exposure correct. As you can see I have tweaked it in Lightroom...

My stepson Jack, wasn't really up for posing for me but I got a cheeky shot in when he wasn't looking!!

My daughter and niece were both happy to be models for me. The saying goes "practice makes perfect" well I need plenty of practice but I am pleased with the outcome for a quick mess around in the park.

I also tried to get a few shots of the local wildlife, the squirrels wouldn't keep still and some out the shots of the ducks and geese were ok but nothing that really excited me...

Ok lessons learned?? Well I need to slow down and go out with a plan, either portraits or wildlife. I say that because I think they are both very different styles of photography and the camera settings are very different, so I would need to concentrate on one or the other. I was switching to my 55-250mm lens for that and that means different apertures etc.

As usual I tend to rush myself, mind you keeping up with the kids is always hard and I feel a little self conscious when out and about in public with my camera. So i guess its a matter of time, experience and gaining more knowledge and confidence with the camera...

Thanks for reading.. see you soon!!

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