Saturday, 16 May 2015

Phone shots...

Hey all,

Not been out with my camera lately as I'm kinda snowed under with work and university, I promise it will happen though!!

Instead I offer you a few shots taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S6, it has a 16mp camera and I think its awesome!!

I love this shot, quickly taken on the walk home from work. Looking closely you can see the noise and I didn't spend much time setting it up (a common theme with my photography!!). That said I really think its great, your opinion may differ but I would love to know what you think in the comments below.

Think the contrast between the green grass and the angry sky is great and I love the way the clouds seem as if they are drifting towards you, just before they dump their rain on you!! I used the grid on the screen to try and get the rule of thirds in enabling a straighter horizon placed in quite a strong part of the shot...

These two I took, again on my S6 whilst waiting for a train at Elephant and Castle station. I took the one on the left first but felt that it was a tad bright, bearing in mind I had my sunglasses on!!

So I recomposed and tried to improve the shot in several ways. Initially I tried to make the angle more dramatic and also to get rid of that street lamp. As you all know I am a real novice but I felt that taking my time and thinking about what I was doing resulted in a better shot, not technically or creatively great but it taught me to think more and consider what I was shooting...

Incidentally, I got so into taking photos that I got on the wrong train and ended up miles from where I was going!! Another lesson learned!!

Thanks for reading... Please comment and see you all soon!!

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  1. I love your pictures Dad :D Especially the first one with the trees and grass and stuff, it's very pretty :) Keep doing your blog it's super :D