Sunday, 5 July 2015

New sessions, new shots...

Hey thanks for popping back!!

I've been out for a few sessions recently, nothing too ambitious just locally...

The first was a walk over my local part which is conveniently situated very close to my house!! I took lots of shots of varying subjects ranging from ducks, dogs, live trees, dead trees, flowers and buildings. I didn't feel there were many that I was happy with, if any, but I thought I would stick them on here regardless!!

 As you can see I've tried to use the structure as a natural frame, had I had someone with me I may well have asked them to pose in the foreground, perhaps on the ledge to make it more interesting. I feel that it has a kind of tunneling effect that draws you through the shot and up the steps at the end.

You can see the above two are the same shot of some daisies I took, I got down on my belly, only then realising then how wet the grass was!! I tried to maintain focus on the tall flower and in hindsight I might have used a slightly larger aperture to get more of the flowers in focus. I have done nothing to the shot except for turn it black and white in Lightroom,

Another couple of sessions weren't strictly sessions, they were work. I helped facilitate a couple of photography workshops for some local young people through the charity where I work. We worked in partnership with another organisation who supplied all the kit and even a pro photographer called Adele Watts. It was a huge success and the young people loved it. I managed a few shots with my camera but I let the young people try it out so most of the time they had it.

This was taken on the first session where we went to the Tate Modern, we had stopped for lunch and I just fired it off. Tis kinda topical but I would like to find a way to make the people inside the cafe a bit more obvious. So if you know a good technique then please let me know!!

These two are again the same shot just cropped a bit and turned black and white and a little vignetting added. I quite like this one, taken outside a local cycle shop on a local high street.

As always I hope you like them and please feel free to comment!!

Gonna get some more up very soon so stay tuned!!