Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A trip over the park...

It has been ages since I last posted and my apologies for that!!

Well, I had a trip over the park with my daughter recently and we both learned a big photography lesson... Oh and check out her blog and give her your support!!

Wild British Blogger

"I like it, who cares what anyone else thinks!!"

Yes, some of my shots are less than perfect, some are not sharp, some of the composition leaves a lot to be desired... You know what? I don't care!! I enjoy what I do and I like doing it!! Especially when I have great company!!

So.. below are a few of what I consider the nicer shots of our few hours over the park!!


Black and White bridge!!

A lovely lady Mallard!!

A local wild Parakeet!!

I have some new bits of kit, a new wide angle lens... a home studio setup and a couple of flash units. I'd like to try some new types of photography so watch this space.

Incidentally I am going on a day photography course at a local adult education centre soon, so hopefully I will pick up some help, tips and inspiration!!

See you all soon...

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  1. Great post once again Dad! Keep going!

    (Also, thanks for the mention ❤)